all zipped up – nearly

I officially do not like making fly zips on trousers. Give me a nice invisible zip any day. Alas, my current trouser project calls for one. On Sunday at 10pm I decided to finally call it a day (or night!) and wait until my next dress making class.

So, what was the problem? well, if you don’t millimeter perfect line up the centre front of each side of the zip absolutely straight it will create a pucker at the bottom of the zip. In other words, it (the zip) won’t fly unless your wings are straight, and lined up together.

I also found it more than a little confusing that there were so many techniques to make one. So here is how my tutor explained it to me (several times, before I could get my brain to figure it out). The left flap (it would be on your left when wearing the trousers) gets folded inwards (and press with steam) but with an extra 5mm instead of just where the curve ends at the bottom the flap.

You then attach the zipper on this side by first lining it up from behind and attaching it to the back, but not the front. This means if you wanted to you could pull the flap back round. Then you top stitch from the front through the fabric, the flap and the zip, close to the zipper teeth.

Then the bit I took ages to understand. Fold and press back the right flap (just to where the curve ends), then line up the centre front until it covers the zipper teeth. It drove me mad that no one was showing a good set of photos of the front AND back. So here is what it looks like before I sew.


what’s up, what’s down and what’s going around and around

So, on the up, after getting some feedback about one of my recent projects (a dress by Simplicity 3673), My first attempt looked like this:

simplicity 3673 front

I took it in by 8cm round the waist and am much happier with the finished look.

On the down was getting the news that my carefully inserted (first time ever tried) fly zipper was not hanging straight. My tutor said I had to take it out, and start (sniff) all over again. Please, fingers crossed, on Saturday will I get it right when we have a whole day sewing as a class.]

What’s going (slowly) round is my jacket, to match the afore mentioned dress. The interfacing has now been added, but I have to find the time to start stitching some of it together.

Recently finished was the “I didn’t think this would be so complicated” vintage pj, quite why it had to have so many additional features (gathers at the elbow, bust dart and shoulder dart) I don’t know. The crotch shape took some modifying before there was actually a shape to be seen. But here is finally.

5690 Vogue
5690 Vogue

what does one say for one’s first post?

well, you have to begin somewhere, so these are my first words in to the world of the “blog”. I’ve not read many other blogs before, so forgive any mistakes and errors regarding blog ‘etiquette’. I hope over the next few days to add some more material to make things a little more interesting. Things are looking a bit empty at the moment.

Knowing my ability to clutter up space (be it verbal or physical) with sewing related stuff it shouldn’t take too long!