moving forward – in time, space and work

the last month has been quite busy. I’ve been on holiday to Tunisia, and returned all inspired by the lovely bright colours of the local fabric. I also (as I have the time to contemplate new projects!- not) started thinking about possibly, at some long distant point in the future, using some of the mosaic photos I took from roman ruins to make a new quilt. If you would like to have a look there are two folders of photos:

examples of Berber fabrics
a rabbit and a boar

Which leads me to one of the things I have managed to finish this month (and something I am very proud of), which is my very first quilt. It is for a friend who is shortly expecting her first baby. Due to doggedly being fixated to my internal image of what I wanted it to look like, it took a little longer than planned. But it is now done. I have created a folder with all the photos here:

baby quilt finished

I have also been working on my (taking second fiddle for the quilt) course project – The Trousers. The fabric is a DREAM to work with. Like butter going through my machine. Due to it being an incredibly dark navy, it is quite hard to see the stitching though, which is one of the reasons I have invested in an Ottlight. It is waiting to be unpacked, but should make the job of unpicking that little bit more bearable.

I did find inserting a fly step a lot easier second time round. It really helped to know what I was doing. My tutor said it was all looking good, which was great, as last time I had to do a lot of restitching.

trouser zip - sewing the left hand side

I had a small panic attack after being told we have to show our work folders to the internal verifier, so this weekend has been partly dedicated to catching up on all of the samples I hadn’t, well, quite finished (lets be honest, in some cases hadn’t even started!).