I’m biased – but I think it looks really nice!

I’ve got the tedious hand sewing bit out of the way, and the bias tape has been carefully added to the armholes and neckline. My hemming foot has done a lovely job of finishing the hem too.

Rewind the clock two years back, when I made this dress for the first time. I finished the hem by hand (it took forever, and I think the hemming foot is neater), I didn’t really know my way around bias tape either. Whilst the end result if very pretty, and the differences might only be noticed by a fellow sewer, I can really see how much I have learned by making the same project again now.

So, lessons learned. Stick with invisible zips, only hand stitch hems if necessary and enjoy the benefits of an overlocker (which I used to finish all of the seams).


About sewwherenext

A few years ago I signed up for a year long beginner's dressmaking course. I have never looked back and am always thinking about my next project, hence the sew where next? name. This blog is to try and keep track of my trials, tribulations and hopefully successful projects.

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