collared by another Vogue (V8408)

and my eye was caught and captured…

I recently went to a knitting and sewing show in London. Imagine my excitement when I discover a stall selling old Vogue patterns for just a couple of pounds per pattern.

I saw the collar on this dress and it jumped in to my hands and very shortly there after my bag. I decided this would be a lovely way to use some more of the wool/silk mix fabric I recently bought (see my earlier post for more details) using the contrasting cotton fabric I got at the same time for the collar.

So, how have things been going so far? well, apart from doing my usual arm lengthening and waist widening I have discovered this dress is on the short side. Someone else reviewed this dress and said they needed to lengthen it. No kidding. To get this to be knee length on me I have had to add 12 (!) cm to the pattern pieces. I don’t really want something that ends mid thigh, especially as this is intended for work.

A few other intended changes. I really dont like the belt included in the pattern. I’d rather try something else. I think I will underline it as otherwise it wont be warm enough (even with a slip). Further news to follow….next step, cutting out all the pieces.


what a bargain – my latest fabric find

I have been on the hunt for some fabric for a seventies dress pattern. Today I visited my favourite fabric store in Norwich (Anglian fashion fabrics) and had a good look round the bargain stand. My eye alighted on a single bolt. I blinked at the label and description – and read the price once more. Surely not, a navy wool and silk mix for £2.95. But it is true.

Six meters were promptly bought and bagged. Enough for the dress and some, as yet undecided, projects for the future. Please admire, it is beautiful!

my lovely purchase

its a wrap! my fourth dress in as many weeks

My latest dress is all wrapped up, literally all 3 and a half meters is required to create the very full skirt of butterick 4790. There are several things I dont understand, like why they think you should cut the front under skirt by several cms. Or how they think there is an extra inch of ease at the waist for size 14 (there isn’t). But overall the effect is very pleasing.

It took me 6 days to make, and I wasn’t able to give it much attention on every evening. I love the buttons even if they cost £1.25 each. The whole project including pattern comes in at under £30 – not bad considering the amount of fabric required.

One further note, I think the house mate has been convinced this is a dress worth making, so mission accomplished!