reduce, reuse, recycle (the dressmaking way)

I was attempting to tidy up the burgeoning pile of odds and ends generated by regular sewing. Thread doesn’t always get used up, I change my mind about design features and abandon bits and pieces along the way. In short it was high time to create a nice quick project to use up some of the above.

Inspiration: coming across some embroidery given by a friend, whose mother had passed away many years ago. She’d given me what was left of the sewing odds and ends she had found. The unfinished pieces are going to be used as samples (of course clearly identifying they are NOT from my hands!) but the finished/nearly finished work was too good for just samples.

I had also been aware the cushion I had bought at my mother’s request (but didnt need any more) which I had never got round to getting a refund for was also in of “liberating”. So, the two stories came together, with the help of the fabric leftover from two fabric hogging dresses.

The resulting cushion cover was pretty easy to make. Had I not gone for linen on one side it would have been even easier. Unfortunately I had neglected to consider quite how much the linen would stretch. If you look carefully on the red side you will see its slightly lopsided as a result. But, the great thing is with this kind of thing its not as critical as when is wearing the resulting project.

I’m pleased to say I’ve reduced my stash in terms of thread and bias tape (didnt buy ANYTHING new for this), reused some fabric and recycled some embroidery in to a new object.

This is going to be given back to the friend who gave the embroidery as a house warming present (she’s doing up her home) and it seems only fitting she gets to enjoy the hard work put in to the embroidery.

the front, if you look carefully you can read "modern house" Suited to house warming present, no?

the front, if you look carefully you can read “modern house” Suited to house warming present, no?

the back, using leftover fabric from my Butterick "walkaway" dress

the back, using leftover fabric from my Butterick “walkaway” dress

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A few years ago I signed up for a year long beginner's dressmaking course. I have never looked back and am always thinking about my next project, hence the sew where next? name. This blog is to try and keep track of my trials, tribulations and hopefully successful projects.

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