the passing of the year(s)


Today my blog reminded me its been two whole years since I started writing. I was recently showing a friend what I had done and it was strange to think how many things (thanks to the dressmaking course) I had made and learned. Its easy to forget.

Given 2013 is nearly over a brief recap is perhaps in order. Accomplishments: continuing and completing city and guilds course, despite at times not knowing what I was doing or if it was a good idea. Finishing my first hand drafted from scratch dress. Slightly horrified still at the cost. So far have worn it once on a night out (have to wait until summer now to get some more wear out of it) and its gone back in the wardrobe since.

My fabric stash which I try to remain in firm control of has had a bit of a dent put in to it by consistent sewing. There are a couple of projects now which are near completion and need finishing. So hopefully I will soon have to share another version of the jacket I made to wear to my sister’s wedding. Rescue the green skirt I made but never wore (it needs rehemming). Given the crease factor though I sadly doubt it will get regular use.

I also have nearly finished (courtesy of some help from my talented quilting sister) a quilt I made several year back but still needed to add the backing to. It’s now nearly done (just needs another set of quilting stitching). It’s pretty large, 2 meters by 2 meters. It will be lovely to put on my bed.

Naturally having reached the end point of a number of projects has resulted in more storage space. But not for long. Cant have my remaining fabric get lonely. The perfect excuse for a miniature shopping spree. I have recently bought some new patterns in the burda sale, and matching fabric. So my living room carpet has stacks of tissue paper scraps like confetti scattered everywhere. The dining area where I’ve cut out the fabric for a jersey wool dress for Butterick B5559 is not much better. I have bought some new hoover bags as the current one is full!

So happy new year everyone, I hope you have some fun sewing plans ahead, and I hope to post more photos soon of some of the things I have mentioned above. I hope you have enjoyed following my adventures and mishaps this year. Wish me better luck for the following one!


seeing double: Deja Vu

No doubt on viewing the following pictures regular readers will experience a sense of familiarity. You have indeed seen these patterns before. I have made two tried and trusted favourites again, with the added bonus one of them (the dress) was completely “free” as in I used left overs from previous projects to make it. Nice to make something without spending more money. Something which I can do with out trying to hard when it comes to fabric!

These projects both had the benefit of being quick and easy to do, but that is where the overlap ends. One is for me, and the other for a friend’s little girl. But both have been fun to make.

First off, another version of the recent option F V8888. Slightly different fabric (its embroidered instead of the previous little tufts). I also thought it would be helpful to those interested in fit to see what they look like when worn. So, here we are (apologies for the -highlighted beautifully by the flash – dusty mirror):





and the next photos are New look 6578 (aka the cat dress I did last time) in a slightly bigger size. Note to self, its much easier to add rick rack BEFORE you have attached the facing and sewn the front to the back. I got there eventually, but it was far more time consuming! I added the bow as a design feature, as I think it makes it far more fun then just the same thing all over the dress. I also replaced the button holes with velcro, much easier to add to cotton stretch jersey.







oh la la! its time to go french

At this time of year I am not really my best creatively. I don’t like the longer cold dark nights and find it hard to clamber out of bed in the morning and sum up some energy. I still have a jacket which needs bound button holes, and then I need to insert the lining (already made). But somehow so far it has yet to happen!

Time for a quick and easy project. Using a tried and trusted pattern. Bring forth V8888 (see, even the number looks nice). I have been rather converted after making (earlier on in the year) the french knickers option. Quick, easy, and very wearable. There was only one thing left to do. Shop for some more fabric. One thing I always have more energy for. I got enough for three (another two in different fabric still to make) out of light cotton lawn. I found some lovely contrasting cotton lace. Here are the results of version number 1! the second photo is a close up of the fabric so you can see the little bobbles on it.