gone and legged it

After all my work on my corset toile, I was most frustrated to discover I could no longer locate the pattern pieces. Somewhere I have put them away but they are not to be found. Grrrr….hopefully they will turn up soon!

Happily I have had something to console myself (can’t have my hands too idle). Here’s the rest of the pattern I made earlier (Newlook 6236). Nice practical items, and another chance to practice my knit sewing skills. So, leggings and a bolero. The cotton knit I chose was very nice to work with cheap too at £5.50 a meter.

This project was a perfect example of why you should take pattern fabric requirements with a pinch of salt. According to measurements this would require 80cm for the bolero. With 90cm I made both bolero and leggings. 

P1050269 P1050270 P1050271



adding to the armoury

You may have noticed a delay in the corset making project. A combination of being ill, going on holiday, a new housemate moving in and a vital missing piece of equipment all contributed towards a lull.

I now however, am the slightly bemused owner of a bolt cutter. Something I never, ever, envisaged the need to buy. After eyeing up the effect of trying to use some snips on my sturdy steel boning I decided something more substantial was required.

The result was one of my more bizarre dressmaking sessions. Sitting in a chair with the bolt cutter on the floor (little bits of metal can fly up) chopping down to size the long coiled sections of spiral boning I had bought. It was harder work than I had imagined and I felt more like I was embarking on an engineering project than my usual dressmaking!

I am way too lazy to add all of the channels required to my toile version, so the following photo isn’t the full picture, but I have added boning to each of the seams. The good news, its now looking much sturdier. Of course the final version won’t have the stretch this basic cotton has.

Photo on 11-08-2014 at 22.49


One final footnote, I used up the scraps left over from the last little dress to make an even more little dress (tunic length). This is from Newlook 236.

P1050259 P1050260 P1050261