alas, this skirt has more flare than fit

Being a firm believer in the benefits of second opinions when it comes to mid progress reports (well, in this case may not quite half way) I’ve been kindly advice my skirt needs a little taming. In short, its got a bit too much fabric at the top near the waist. Taking in all those lovely seams (this coat sure does have a few) has taken a little concentration, but it is looking a bit more controlled now. Still haven’t figured out how to change the sleeve fit yet but I’ll get there…and yes, that’s me taking my own photos with the help of my computer. It’s why I am standing on a chair as there’s no housemate to help me out. Enjoy!

Photo on 18-11-2014 at 19.14 #3 Photo on 18-11-2014 at 19.14 #4 Photo on 18-11-2014 at 19.14 Photo on 18-11-2014 at 19.16


toil(e) to avoid trouble

I’m not one for making toiles usually, but occasionally if the project is going to require significant investment of either time and/money I reluctantly buckle down to making one. To be honest, despite there being risks, I prefer to spend as much time sewing wearable projects. Which leads me to Mccalls 6800. Yes, the coat where I have bought three lots of fabric for it already. but I degrees.

So, this time round I helped convince myself this would not only be worthwhile in terms of checking the fit, but could also act as an interlining. Even better, I would not “waste” fabric or money, and it would make for a warmer coat. So, has it been worth doing? well, I guess the simple answer has been yes. Apart from my frequently required scoop at the lower back, it appears the sleeves are a little on the snug side. Which was a surprise as this isn’t normally a problem. So I think I will need to add a little more ease, especially to the upper sleeve head area. I want room for more than just a cardigan, and at the moment rather doubt I could wear anything bulky.

Hopefully you can make out the details from the lovely black fabric (it was just over £4 a meter) cotton I’ve made the toile from.

P1050396 P1050397 P1050395

I’m also trying to work out if I should colour block the collar and bound button holes with a contrasting black wool (the main fabric is going to be pink wool/viscose). We’ll see. Next, I have all the cutting out to enjoy!

hats off, this is one cute project

I decided to take a mini corset break, as my housemate has been away (need help to fit it on) and I needed to muster some further will power and perseverance to tackle the boning. In short, its maturing on my to do pile (which includes a jacket where all I need to do is attach the lining and complete the dreaded bound buttonholes). Happily, this pile is small, and I intend to keep it that way!

So, I was in need of a sewing fix, without the frustration of the past weeks. Step forward the pattern stash and thought of a no fitting problems  project.

I have made a matching coat and hat outfit out of Burda 9422 and Mccalls 8489 for a friend who is due to have her baby in the Spring. When sewing for 3 month old babies you require delightfully little fabric (only 1 meter in total for both lining and main fabric for both!). Easy on the fitting and the purse, if only I could get away with so little effort. Sigh.

Mccalls had a very cute selection of hats to choose from (the pattern is from the 60’s) but unfortunately it was sized for 3 to 6 year olds. After working out the hat size for a 3 month old I scaled the whole thing down by 25% and its worked a treat.

As usual the Burda instructions were lacking a bit but I just added where required (like interfacing the mid front) and its turned out very nicely. So, here we are, sewing fix achieved.

P1050386 P1050388 P1050389 P1050391 P1050392


As usual the