busting a gut – it seams

may I have permission to throw a small minor tantrum after discovering yet more adjustments are required to this never ending coat project? someone kindly pointed out my fabric at the underarms was straining at the seams. For the first time in my life I have had to undertake a full bust adjustment.

No, I have not suddenly gone for surgery, but according to Mccalls I do not appear to fit their measurements at the hip, bust or arm. Given that their sizing chart is exactly the same in terms of measurements as Vogue and simplicity I really have no idea what is going on here….

Unfortunately in hindsight I have made two mistakes. Firstly not wearing a more bulky jumper when trying on my toile. Not a problem when making a dress, but becomes an issue when you need to have the ease for actually wearing winter clothing under your new coat. Secondly, in order to help with pressing my newly made lining, I merrily snipped regularly through all of the seams to have them lie flat.

I not so merrily viewed the available seam allowance when I wanted to reduce them to create more room to resolve the above problem. People, we did not have much room for manoeuvre. Think three point turn in a narrow cup de sac. I managed to squeeze in total about another 3 or so extra cm combined out of the front section. It appears (just) to be enough.

Can someone wish me good luck with the rest of this project? I think I am going to need it!! (holding sanity carefully in both hands whilst saying this).

Photo on 29-12-2014 at 21.58Photo on 29-12-2014 at 22.35


seeing triple – pattern pieces

So two months ago when I was making the toile for the mccalls 8600 coat I thought it would be such a good idea to reuse my toile as interlining. After cutting out 52 pattern pieces because of this, I am slightly less enthused at my “great idea”. I am pleased to share finally I am doing some actual sewing, having basted together the interlining and fashion fabric pieces. The lining is now complete, so I can see the difference made from reducing the skirt pieces to a size 10 (I am normally a 16 to give you an idea how much ease there was to be removed) and my cheat’s sleeve cap ease adjustment. Which was to add another sleeve (with more ease included) head behind the existing one and use some sticky tape to temporally fix it in place.

So, you patient readers get to see some photos of my not so fast progress!

Photo on 27-12-2014 at 23.27 #2 Photo on 27-12-2014 at 23.27 Photo on 27-12-2014 at 23.28

and just for comparison, here’s what the original sleeve cap (black) and the new one (white) look like. What a difference!

Photo on 20-12-2014 at 13.29

enough room

Photo on 20-12-2014 at 13.31

can you see the pulling on the left at the underarm?

Photo on 20-12-2014 at 13.20

very tight sleeve cap (could feel the difference even sitting down with the other side)

counting progress

OK, one Christmas present down, several more to go. The apron, with the time consuming velcro scrabble tiles, has been finished. Unfortunately my carefully written (with aid of stencil) letters have smudged slightly after a quick wash. I guess it was bound to happen anyway, but rather annoying all the same.

I have also finished two hat visors, a start on the three berets I intend to make. Plus the back section of my coat lining is done – there are quite a few seams. Neither of which are very interesting to view on their own. But I’m going to mention them as otherwise it looks like like I not doing much at the moment.

No idea how this present will score (pun intended) but hope it creates a happy moment.

P1050417 P1050416

cooking up a feast of projects

Today I finally got to do some actual sewing. As my housemate accurately pointed out, I do have several projects on the go at the moment which is why its taking so long to get to this stage. I’m trying to make a coat, three hats, some baby booties and then spontaneously decided to make a gift for an and uncle after getting some inspiration whilst surfing online.

Its the last project which has actually got finished first. I have tried to merge two hobbies into one, and have made a scrabble apron. I happened to actually have the perfect striped fabric already in my stash. After finding this free tutorial: http://www.allfreesewing.com/Aprons/Adjustable-Kitchen-Apron I got started. The most time consuming bit was making the hand sewn fabric scrabble tiles to spell out my aunt and uncle’s names. Trying to stitch through velcro is hard work! I just need to add some finishing touches, but would like to share the nearly finished project.

P1050413 P1050415

tied up in (festive) knots

As I am constantly reminded by all possible sources, we are indeed approaching Christmas. I like to make presents for close friends and family, where time, motivation, and inspiration allow. We’ll see how much I get done this time round! I have had one small success so far, in making a bow tie from the lovely fabric I had left over when I made the seaside quilt. It was just enough fabric, and I used this crafts pattern: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/sewing/accessory/mens-bow-tie/118582

It’s for my uncle, who lives near the seaside. The houses look very similar to the area there and I hope he will really like it. It was something of a challenge to work out how to tie the knot, and took about 3 sets of instructions before I finally “got it”.

Given that I don’t have any starched collars to wear this with, I’ve used my knee as a prop…

finally managed to tie it up properly

finally managed to tie it up properly

the "bow"

the “bow”

neck band, love those beach huts!

neck band, love those beach huts!

I have also made (slow) progress cutting out my coat. I still need to make another toile sleeve to ensure I have room in the head, and I need to cut out the lining. The ever so helpful cat acted as pattern piece paper weight and straight of grain inspector.

P1050401 P1050402 P1050403