there’s no sugar coating this one

First of all, apologies for there being such a long gap between this post and the last one. It’s not that I have been lazing around, in fact the opposite is more the answer. My efforts to get my waist line back to my original starting point (when I first started dressmaking) have been taking up a rather depressing amount of time. It’s slowly paying off, but in the mean time it is hogging a lot of potential sewing time in terms of energy and opportunity.

I have also been rather foolish in my recent choice of projects. From one coat hang up (literally its on hold so I can be confident I won’t have any fitting problems later because of exercise impact related changes) I landed myself in yet another sticky situation. Literally. I’m sure by now you are thinking I am coating this a bit thick (pun intended). But I decided to make a nice “easy” (hahahaha how self deluded was I?) project and took out of my stash some laminated cotton and a raincoat pattern.

For this uninitiated to the joys of laminated fabric, please approach with a healthy sense of caution and self preservation. I have broken pins on it, struggled with top stitching as the sewing feet get stuck on the laminated side, struggled to ease in the sleeves (it has no stretch) and generally slowly grown to dislike the stuff. Oh, its also really hard to mark as you don’t want to leave holes, so there go the tailor tacks.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I decided to add my own lining to the body of the coat, which was interesting as it had a fold over facing (I just doubled everything up, sewed the two together then treated it as one layer) and had fun trying to hand sew when hemming the sleeves and making the patch pockets.

The result on the coat is a cute on, the impact on my temper less so! Here’s on I won’t be making again any time soon….this is Burda 9458. As usual for Burda the instructions are less then helpful but I do like their designs.

P1050437 P1050438

Now that the coat is finished I am working on my next project. I’m intending to make a corded skirt to act as scaffolding for a dress I intend to make later this year for when I go to a friend’s wedding. At the moment its not very exciting to look at and I am having fun (not) trying to design the thing, but hope to have some photos soon. Watch this space.