two become one

The last few weeks have been rather less than productive. I listened with a certain sarcasm to the advert telling me to relax as its summer. Someone tell my workplace! its the busiest time of the year and I haven’t had much energy left at the end of the day. What work (dressmaking wise) I have managed to achieve hasn’t been the best. I was left inspecting my invisible zip wondering how I could have done it THAT badly. Combination of not checking details and also sewing whilst very tired. Not a good idea.

Whilst busyness at work is yet to continue for a while (unhappy face) at least one dress is nearing completion. I have inserted the lining, added the facings, done the hemming, and all that is left to do is bind the armholes and finish the neckline. Hence the two become one. That also leaves one other dress to finish, for which I haven’t even cut out the fashion fabric for the bodice yet. I decided to focus my energies on the one project.

Anyway, on to the details. I added a faced hem as I figured the skirt was getting rather short. I ended up reducing the bodice seam allowance with the skirt to 5mm after (not sure how this happened after my careful measuring against my sloper) discovering it was a little on the high side. This did have the added benefit of reducing all of the bulk from the skirt gathering. The skirt lining is from viscose, not something I have used before in this way but it was in my stash and I thought it would drape nicely and not blow around like some of the more full skirts have done in the past.

I realised too late by adding the bias tape to the seams on the bodice I couldn’t do my usual lining technique to include the armholes. So bias binding its going to be after all. The hand stitching for the facings took a while but I think its worth it for the nice finish it gave. Cutting out the faced hem and the facings from leftover fabric gave me a nice feeling as I don’t normally know what to do with such small pieces.

More photos later of me modelling the dress. In the mean time, here’s how things look….(the v at the front neckline still needs finishing too!)

P1050751 P1050752 P1050753


picking up the threads: of dresses and progress

My carpet floor is once more calling hopefully for the attentions of the vacuum cleaner. It is (finally!) sewing time. If there is one way guaranteed to make the process of cutting out a drawn out affair, I can guarantee deciding to line your project, and also make another one all at the same time is a pretty good way of achieving this. But, i did sign myself up for this so I have only myself to blame….

I have the lining finished for one dress. But trying to take a photo of a white outfit is not very interesting ,or easy in terms of seeing the details. So I am leaving that outfit for the moment until its easier to see the progress. Instead you get to see the photo of dress number 2. Which still has some work to do (like attach the lining, and attach the bodice to the skirt). As I am my usual impatient self, the ensemble of the current work in progress has been pinned on to my dress form (as its not exactly going to work being displayed as is on me).

The fact all of the bias binding has been made by me is something I never thought I would do. I normally always buy ready made. But the idea was for the bodice to match the skirt. So there was nothing for it but to the plunge. After reading the Collette tutorial on continuous bias binding it was not too bad in the end.

I think its coming together as I envisaged. The neckline is going to need some interfacing to get a nice crisp finish. Normally I would eliminated the facings but I think I might include them by sandwiching them between the lining and outer fabric to add stability.

Anyway, the fun bit: photos……

P1050749 P1050750