scrap that idea?

I had such plans of productivity and action for September, instead I have a whole load of “started, still needs lots more work” projects. Last week I succumbed to a rotten sneaky cold which started on the Sunday and by the Thursday I was well and truly sunk. My energy levels have been slowly recovering but nowhere near as sparkly as normal.

However, not all is lost as I have got some stuff done despite the above aggrieved mutterings. So, let’s review the good news. I have finished my first ever tie using vogue 9073. I am very happy with the result, but my gosh the amount of hand slip stitching required. As the entire thing was cut on the bias I thought I would use the left over silk to make a matching pocket square and adjustable bow tie. These were early (can’t believe how organised I am this year, most unlike me) Christmas presents for my uncle. For my aunt (alas no photos) I made a silk iPad cover, microwaveable heat pouch with washable cover and needle book.

image3 image2

The above are modelled by a work colleague and made from a bargain £7.50 a meter silk which is very thick and almost too much for the bow tie adjustable slider.

I have then got started on cutting out another version of the slip from V8888 for a friend’s christmas present using a lovely cotton lawn. Of course, this too generated scraps (can we see a pattern forming here?) and I couldn’t bear to waste any fabric. So before I had even started her slip, I have made another little girl’s dress using the good deeds dress pattern which was also free – this dress cost me nothing! – from what was left.

So here we are:


Three layers of lawn in the bodice, lined with pink lawn and self made patch pockets and self made bias binding. Pinch me, I have actually made more of the stuff and this time it was really narrow (quarter inch). I have even bought an entire reel of unpressed red bias tape which will probably last me for years. I truly must be loosing the plot.

I also have cut out the leggings i talked about previously but have yet to get started sewing, and a baby teddy bear onsie pattern from stretch terry cotton. I really do need to actually get started sewing on all of this lot and haul the vacuum cleaner out as there is fluff everywhere from all the cutting. If father christmas was kind he would get me one of those automated vacuum cleaners so it could do its magic whilst I was at work. Hey, whilst I am day dreaming can I have a house elf too?

Oh, one last set of photos, to show me in the dress I made but didn’t model previously. This will be the last time I will wear it this year as its already far too chilly to consider using until late spring at least.

IMG_0999 IMG_1001 IMG_1004 IMG_1006 IMG_1011