finding my feet

So, the UFO pile is one down and it finally feels like I have got the pace going. After cutting out the last blue tunic it was quickly clear another project could be made out of the remaining fabric. So I found a skirt pattern on craftsy

It was a great base for my fabric, as I had one long rectangle left and with some pink side panels there would be just enough. The lining fabric came from the remnant bin at my local fabric shop (£2.50) so, along with some left over elastic I had at home this was almost a free project.


The flower on the waist band is because I accidentally snipped into it when trimming the seam allowance. Call it a design feature! So I cut a flower out of the scrap I had left over and used appliqué to attach it.

As for the feet comment, I have treated myself to some new feet for my bernina. I have an older machine so these are not cheap (if you get the originals without the adaptor). I have purchased an invisible zipper, walking foot  and gathering foot. So I have tried the invisible foot with great results (it always bugged me if I haven’t got a close finish). I need to remember to use them though as I could have used the gathering foot for this skirt.

I have high hopes for using the walking foot as when I made my last quilt trying to keep the layers even was a real pain. Anyway, next on the list is a matching bolero and leggings. This shouldn’t take long but will have to be careful cutting out as its a silk blend and will be a bit slinky.









catching up: with blog and projects

The shuffle of electronic letters rearranging themselves across the blog posts has been noticeably absent of late. A combination of two colds, two long weekends away and getting throughly distracted (keep starting new projects) has resulted in much procrastination and a lack of finished projects to write about.

However, I can finally talk about some completed items – one of which is very overdue. In fact, its spent two years in a box. Of course there is a little story behind this. You see, two years ago I visited a friend and had this optimistic idea of making a dress for her while I was there. Over two days, between sight seeing, and her looking after her baby. Guess what, it didn’t get finished. No problem, we’ll complete it next time I visit. Which was this month. Accept again, there wasn’t enough time.

Determined to finish this (my friend has got to have a finished in order to wear it!) I took it home (she lives over 5 hours away). It is now, finally, done. Of course, I did some fabric shopping whilst I was over there. Plus when I got back had to buy yet more to make matching accessories to go with what I had planned. So her daughter will have a tunic, plus leggings and bolero. The latter still have to made. Oh, and because I had left over fabric (bane of my life, always makes me sew more) I am making a gathered skirt.

Did I mention distraction? I still have a cami to make for my friend’s present, the leggings I cut out AGES ago a winter coat from last winter and an abandoned half finished corset. My unfinished object pile (UFO) is ready to take off due to reaching critical mass.

Anyway, the photos. The dress for my friend is not my size so doesn’t look quite the same on my dress form as what I make for myself. I spent ages lining up the blue print to try and make it match. I am pretty pleased with the result.