A long drawn out affair

From the corner of the room comes the sound of sighing and small whispers. Gosh, get a move on lady, when are you going to get on with that dress, skirt, jacket, coat project you promised faithfully? The rustles of instructions and directions are echoed by a large box ensconced in the same area.

Yes, my fabric and pattern stash have been muttering ever more loudly of late. The towering stack of pisa like proportions was becoming ever less invisible and harder to ignore. Four years plus of fabric shopping (hey, I’ve seen some great deals!) has resulted in a slippage between fabric input, and project output. This last year in particular whilst trying to fit in more exercise in to the daily week has hit my sewing time hard.

All of which has come to one rather obvious conclusion. I need a bigger set of drawers. As in a LOT bigger. My poor little original two drawer starting point had filled up long ago, was surrounded by fabric, stacked with fabric, and was sat on fabric. You could say the poor thing was drowning in the stuff.

With this mission in mind I scoured the local shops (daylight robbery, do you know how much even a tatty set of drawers costs second hand?) and perused ebay. Finally I found the perfect solution in terms of size (this has to fit in a defined space) and character. An industrial ex haberdashery set of drawers in oak. How perfect, right? So last Saturday I picked them up with the help of a friend who happily had a much bigger car than me.

I have since been slowly trying to rearrange the fabric. The new chest is pretty much full. Unsurprisingly I still have fabric to store. I think I need to go on a fabric shopping diet for a little while until I have got through some of this!

So here is the object of my happiness….




Ahoy, I spy a new project

After a very long week and feeling seriously tired I have completed one of the items from the Simplicity pattern 1378. I’ve made some alterations to the construction. I used a very stiff interfacing, its similar to cardboard. So I didn’t want that digging inwards. I therefore flipped the direction of the finished seam to be between the brim of the hat and the hat itself. After overlocking it and top stitching its hardly visible.

So here’s my little sailor’s hat. The matching outfit is to follow shortly. This is for a friend’s little boy. He is just over a year. It’s such a shame how few cute boy patterns there are out there. The market is really biased towards girls (not as I am sure you have noticed I have any problem with sewing cute girl stuff).

The cat’s whiskers

The weekend has enabled me to catch up a bit on my rather ambitious plans to work on four things at once. I can’t say I recommend doing this as the error factor has certainly been higher! however, I am pleased to say another project in terms of patterns has come to completion with the cat dress from Simplicity 1208 now finished.

I can’t say I am either accomplished or patient when it comes to embroidery so the machine did all the work when it came to making the appliquéd cat head. A few changes, I fully lined the dress, added a decorative band of trim at the bottom (handily also hemming it at the same time) and used interfacing for the cat’s whiskers and ears. The ears are slightly bigger than advised as I didn’t use a facing to them (too bulky).

Anyway, here we are…..the resident cat has spent half an hour sitting on it this morning so its been given cat approval already.




The cat’s out of the bag

Well, after intending to progress my cut out projects I finally got both some time and energy today and have finished the first of the two projects planned from Simplicity 1208. The cat bag was something that took a rather stupid amount of time given its simplicity.

I deviated a bit from the instructions. I don’t like hand embroidery so used machine stitching. I also tried something different trying to make my own cat face more “expressive”. So I placed the whiskers askew and hope this makes it more interesting. My housemate says the result is a bit scary! thankfully the little girl I have made this for likes it, and her’s is the main opinion which is important.

After nearly getting the bag finished I realised I had made a stupid mistake by sewing one of the bag sides the wrong way round.  This shows the interfacing. So one “ear” is black and the other is blue. I’m calling this a tabby…..

I also misplaced the instructions for the bag part way through and couldn’t work out the way to bag the lining so I ended up using it as interlining. I have consoled myself by thinking this is a play bag so not to fuss too much at this stage. I intend for the matching cat dress to be a more successful project!