It’s high time these projects were posted

Last weekend (it was a bank holiday – bliss!) I made the most of the opportunity to sew and started 3 projects simultaneously. Ever being sensible about saving fabric (I should have an award for this by now) I eyed up the remaining space and decided I could squeeze some more opportunities.

I was feeling satisfied with my pattern placement and success at cutting everything out when I realised there was one piece I wasn’t seeing. The centre back of the dress I was creating for myself. A quick room to the adjoining room confirmed the worst. I had forgotten to cut it out. There was no fabric scraps big enough to accommodate it. What is a girl to do? Why, view it as a design opportunity.

Happily this worked very well, my new dress will have a colour blocked centre back to match the collar at the front. Phew, a narrow escape. It has been rather slow going progressing through my projects as after a quick totting up of the numbers I think I have had to cut out roughly 100 separate pieces of fabric. No wonder it is taking a while to put together…

In the mean time I have finally got round to posting about some projects I created a while ago which were intended for third parties. A little dress for a friend’s daughter and some Kimono style wrap PJs which are for a charity aimed at helping children with heart conditions who require an operation.

Both New look 6478 and the charity pattern are on paper, pretty simple. Both were made more “interesting”. Firstly  by me attempting to sew jersey on the grain and cross grain together. If you are curious, they have different levels of stretch. I ended up adding some more design interest and stabilisation by sewing bias tape of top of the seams. Call it a 2 in 1 job.

The PJ project required careful study after I discovered the shop where I bought the fabric from had cut it totally skewed – although my selvedges had been placed together the print was at an angle. I am a bit obsessed with creating even patterns so spent a lot of time getting everything to match in nice neat rows along every seam. Luckily there was just enough seam allowance to make this possible.

So, here are some photos. Both projects are now in the post to reach their ultimate destinations!


About sewwherenext

A few years ago I signed up for a year long beginner's dressmaking course. I have never looked back and am always thinking about my next project, hence the sew where next? name. This blog is to try and keep track of my trials, tribulations and hopefully successful projects.

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