sew little progress

October has not been a productive sewing month. That might have something to do with the fact I have had two holidays, been ill, applied for a new job and had lots of social stuff. Apart from one little baby dress (will try and get a photo of that later) I feel like my poor sewing machine has been thoroughly neglected.

If we were at a couples counselling session it would start with, we need to talk, I haven’t see you in ages. Are you seeing someone else? I have taken myself to task and got the simpler of my two projects finished. Which in some ways makes no sense as it is a summer skirt which I can’t even wear at the moment as I would freeze as soon as I stepped out of the door. But sometimes fabric just begs to be made up, and this one got its claws in to me well and truly.

Butterick 6332’s skirt is finally done, and I have also inserted a lining which the original pattern didn’t have. When my housemate returns from holiday I will get her to take a photo of me wearing it. My attempts at self portrait taking at night time have been a dismal failure due to the poor lighting at my home so I’m not going to subject you to the results.

So, here is my dress dummy modelling the results. I’m quite pleased with how the multiple waist darts spread the pattern distortion to a minimum. The cotton/silk lining feels lovely and I am glad I used a firm interfacing as its created nice shaping for them and facing. It didnt require much in way of alterations apart from the usual lengthening, and I took a smudge out of the upper hip area to better contour my shape as I am not an hour glass, more a pear.

I will try and crack on with the corduroy dress and then can look forwards to my next project!