pinning down the time

I have been working on my outstanding projects in fits and starts. It’s now mid January and I have finally been able to cross some things off the list. The previously mentioned travel bag and skirt have now been finished. I have also made a pin sharpening pin cushion for my sister.

The latter is made by taking fine steel wire wool, wrapping it in wadding and then using a silk shell for the outside layer. Add a button in the middle and voila, done! a very nice quick project.

The skirt, after under stitching, then more top stitching (at the waist, as the lining was still rolling) has now become a well behaved piece of clothing. I will warn you though, if you work with tapestry if will ravel very badly.

Not very exciting, but also done, is the travel bag lining. Which was a bit tricky to add as it kept getting stuck in the zipper teeth until I top stitched that as well. If you are ever working with really thick fabric and lots of layers I recommend getting a jean needle. I kept breaking my size 16 needles until I did this, as all the seams needed top stitching as you can’t really press them well given the amount of interfacing I had added and curves.


Moving on, I hope to get the matching jacket finished soon. I am going to be adding bound button holes shortly so I can double check the final fit. I’m going to extend the facing around the neckline after a pattern review member who had made the jacket recommended doing this. I also need to finish the back slit on that colour blocked dress so I can cross that off the list too. Given the current temperatures here it will be a while before I can wear it though!


it’s in the bag

Since the last time I posted there have been a few distractions. A weekend away, Christmas, and a new job! the last has taken up a lot of my energy, time and attention. Still, I have not been entirely idle. I have been attempting to tackle The Stash. Not entirely with success as some new fabric has since been purchased. But this is a big piece of fabric, in both length and thickness. So it’s nice to see it finally being used.

I bought this some time ago with the plan to make a coat. Until some more experienced sewers pointed out matching all the lovely zig zags would be nigh on impossible. So in to the stash it went. Until my recent high waisted Butterick skirt success. When it occurred to me that it could also be used with more bulky fabric if I was careful.

Whilst I was at it, why not make the matching jacket? why I maybe shouldn’t have made the jacket is because the fit was nowhere near as good. Nearly 10 inches worth of ease at the waist. With a tapestry type fabric this was never going to be a flattering look. After a fair bit of modifying (dropped waist down by 2 sizes), taking in the darts at the back, splitting the front waist dart in two to create better shaping and interfacing both skirt and jacket fabric I am approaching a more positive end product. I’ve also had to alter the arm scythe and sleeve head a bit as well using my sloper as a guide.

There may be a bit more fitting left to do in the jacket but it’s getting there. But I still had fabric left over. What to do? I opted for a travel bag for a friend. Burda 7119 was duly purchased. I like the design but don’t think much of the instructions, as there wasn’t any guidance on adding structure. I interfaced everything and added an extra layer of cardboard thickness interfacing for the back, front and bottom. The photos as you can see are “in progress” but give you an idea how the projects are shaping up.

I still need to add the lining and finish top stitching the seams (to help ensure a neat finish). The straps look a bit better after I added bias binding. The instructions were again really poor, advising to stitch at the edge of the cut fabric where of course it will fray!

Finally, wishing everyone a happy new year. WordPress has advised I have been writing this blog for 5 years. Where has the time gone?