sailing through easier waters

After my never seeming to end last project (I imagine everyone was ready to see some posts about something different than the suit I was working on) I was very pleased to start a quick and easy project.

I’ve always liked the little sailor outfits for children, so this fit the bill nicely. The dress is fully lined, and I have used a viscose blend fabric as an overlay to create a lace type effect. I used a white cotton as the under layer for the sleeves and collar. It’s worked well, and the overall colour now looks more cream. I think white for a small baby is a dirt magnet!

I’ve used french seams and under stitched everything. Nothing special to report about the pattern, other than that some of the notches don’t line up. I also always like to have a full lining (this one only lined the bodice). I am not convinced by the instruction to cut 4 of your fashion fabric for the bodice. Surely a softer fabric to line it with is better for a young child?

So, this is Mccalls M6913. View C with the sleeves form view B.



seeing green – for new projects

Finally, after what seems like an inordinate amount of time and focus, I can look forward to starting a new project. Yes, that means my jacket is finished! I decided to follow through with the existing green theme, which meant green bias binding around all the edges and a green facing. All matched with a green (in another shade) lining.


Getting the fit right has been an utter pain. I won’t be making this jacket again, as I am convinced there are easier patterns out there to make than this one. A real shame, as the skirt went together pretty well. Still, the result is a satisfying one. So, here we are, verdict anyone? I probably won’t wear this together much as it is a bit formal, but they make very nice separates.


bound to get to the finish line – eventually

It’s been a busy time since Christmas. Having a new job takes up a lot of brain power and energy. Plus having an uncooperative project with regards fit does demotivate you a bit. After a concerted effort to push through, I finally feel like my tapestry jacket is going to get finished.

I’ve added a full facing, which included drafting my own neckline facing. I’m also going to use bias binding to finish all the raw edges. Neater, less bulky, allows me to eek out a bit more length as it is on the short side and also adds a decorative touch.

I am looking forwards to being able to start a new project! I’m not making this jacket again. After taking it in at the side seams further to improve the fit I have lost count as to how many inches I have had to remove. Anyway, here’s an in progress look at the bias binding being applied.