crossed lines

So, work has commenced on Vogue 2401. I did so like the design, until I had finished sewing the neck, shoulder, elbow, bust and back darts. Then acquired a minor headache working my way through the origami like instructions. This pattern is not for the faint of heart!

Given I was going to be working with a) silk and b) chequered silk I figured a toile would be a Good Idea. Despite the amount of work required to make a bodice I’m glad I did as it’s looking a bit on the short side and it’s given me a chance to practice (read rip seams) without worrying about the delicate silk being torn to shreds.

Here is the progress so far, forgive the slightly awkward side pose, I am rubbish at taking photos of myself from an angle. I’ve left all the tailor tacks in so you can clearly see where the darts are. Any comments to help improve the fit are welcome!

I think the bodice needs to be lengthened and the elbow darts need to move downwards a bit.


time to line up a new project

It’s time to bid farewell to simplicity 1282, as it’s finally done. It’s taken longer than I would normally expect after having a busy time at work and with other events. I got to do lots of top stitching with this skirt around the waistband. It’s just a shame no one else will get to see all the work as close up as I have!

I normally line skirts but as this intended more for summer wear I didn’t add one. Which has been an opportunity to add some nice decorative touches I don’t normally use a turned over seam finish but it looks very pretty and is worth the effort. Given how badly this fabric frayed ignoring seam finishing was not an option….

I have used yet more of my bias binding (I love the two rolls of unpressed bias I bought so much, they were amazing value!) to finish off the hem and it has become my go to in order to create a more structured hem if it is looking a bit floppy.

So, on to Vogue 2401. Given the check pattern on the silk fabric I have chosen a toile seems to be a very sensible plan (I know, pinch me, I don’t normally invest in them) so I am hoping I won’t have to make too many amendments. I will report back soon – happily I have a whole weekend to enjoy and I intend to make the most of it.