a drawn out affair

This started out as such a simple project. Replace one tired sun damaged curtain with a new (made by me) version. I did my research, chose my fabric – went home and checked the measurements of the window. Which is where the fun started. You see, I wanted to save some money by not using two widths of fabric. But the width of the bolt of my chosen fabric was only 1 meter 37, not wide enough to create much in the way of gather. No worries, I thought. I’ll add side panels.

Mistake one. Do not fabric shop when in a rush. I found some matching fabric, but didnt look at the price. Something I normally ALWAYS do. But the shop was about to close. In fact, I had to pick it up the next day as the till had been locked! I then discovered (eek) my contrasting fabric was a hefty £42 a meter.

Mistake two. My equally hasty (in the shop) mental calculations for creating two panels of 35cm each was not going to work. I had not bought enough fabric. So the panels got slimmed down. So then we get to mistake three. I thought I had bought some more of the main fabric for the alternating border panels. I had indeed bought the same fabric, paid the same price. Even got the same blue. However, it was NOT the same shade. Again, had not realised there was slight difference.

The good news is that it has all worked out in the end. I have also got a steel of a lining from another shop. A wool/polyester blend (50/50) for only £3.95 a meter, making it nice and warm. So here we are, it even has some slight folds despite not having as much fabric as initially planned….



the cat’s whiskers

A brief introduction is in order before sharing my next (mini) project. Earlier this week one of my friend’s sadly lost her cat, whose life was cut much too short. I’ve always loved cats and wanted to do something in memory. For me that meant a new sewing project. This friend also has a little girl. So I’ve made a cat themed dress. 

My housemate thinks I am a little mad for doing this, but for me its about creating hopefully something that will bring some enjoyment and fun. I originally saw a kwiksew pattern which used this idea. Unfortunately I couldnt buy it locally so have used a New look pattern (6578) as a basis then appliqued the other features on myself.

The following dress still needs closures of some sort (need to find out if friend prefers buttons holes or snaps) but is otherwise done. I’ve lined it with silk scraps left over from a jacket (which is nearly done, but have yet to add bound buttonholes).