no sweat – some easy projects!

Normally when I make a project, it either involves fitting adjustments, or complicated cutting/sewing. For once I have had several weeks of neither. First, the Lekala S3002 pattern I started a while back. I think I am something of a convert! the fit was really good, and I only had to make a small adjustment by taking in the hip side seam slightly by about 1cm in total on each side.

I added a lining, and reduced the hem allowance as my dupioni silk was quite stiff and not forgiving to easing. Plus it frayed badly. So I did a generous baby type hem by turning over 1cm, then turning over again and stitching. The one other thing I had to do was reduce the seam allowance for the facing as it was a bit too small for some reason to fit the skirt.

Due to the fraying I hand overcast all the seams (don’t expect this kind of work with all projects) and added a lining as it was close fitting. I am surprised this isn’t included.


I still have a matching bolero to make which is half finished. Totally out of season of course given that it is now really cold. Still, something to look forwards to next summer.

I also happily cut up an old work sweatshirt from a previous job which has produced both trousers and top for a friend’s toddler. Very happy with the result, and even better both patterns were free. I even got to reuse the hems. So apart from the trousers elastic the entire project was free.



If you are interested here at the links (to fit a 3 year old):