the last stitch (in the ditch)

So, my skirt from Simplicity 1282 is nearly finished. The below photo is before I put the zip in (which is now sorted) and I just need to add the facing. As this won’t be lined, it is nice and quick compared to some other projects!

Happily this pattern hasn’t required too many modifications fit wise. I’ve used a longer length due to my height, slightly narrowed the upper hip area, but left the waistband alone (my usual size 16).

Having lost a waistband pattern piece at some point I decided to use the facing for the front as the outer side, but used the split piece for the back. I quite like this as I really don’t need additional bulky round the tummy area from multiple seams. Although the denim isn’t really thick I have top stitched the waistband seams to ensure everything lies nice and flat, plus I think it looks pretty.

I’ve also used bias binding (in a nice contrasting red) to finish the hem line as I have noticed when A-line skirts with heavier fabric it can do with a bit of support structure wise otherwise it can struggle to kick out in the right shape.




check (out) the new fabric

20170325_191527.jpgI’ve been on holiday, busy at work, and am slowly progressing through making a denim skirt. But of course there is always time to shop for new fabric. I couldn’t pass up on this lovely silk, as it was only £5 a meter. It’s going to become Vogue 2401.

Normally, although I love these vintage patterns, I don’t go for this type of thing as they fare fabric hogs, and if you really want to use nice fabric it would cost a small fortune. However, due to this lovely fabric I can justify making it.

I hope to post more soon about my skirt. It’s not going to be lined so should be a bit quicker to make!