bound to be more work – bear with me

I have this bad habit of being unable to pass up rescuing leftover fabric. I can’t allow it to go to “waste”. So, when cutting out my previously reviewed purple skirt, I quickly calculated there was going to be some left over. Out came the children’s patterns and a vintage Burda, with careful pattern piece placement, just fit within the amount available. At this point my carefully planned project took a detour. Feel free to wince.

In my defence, I did read through the tightly crammed text to try and understand the construction and notions. It said there was a zip. I didn’t cut the back on the fold. When looking later more closely at the back pattern piece it said to cut on the fold. Oh dear. I also subsequently discovered I was supposed to add seam allowances (the pattern didn’t mention this!).

The result, is a dress with heaps of bias binding to make up for lack of seam allowances, my first project, bar making lingerie, where the whole thing was sewn with a 6mm seam allowance, a DIY modesty panel, and instead of trying to follow the instructions I did my level best to ignore them. Not my usual approach! The finished result, whilst cute, has sorely tested my patience. I think this is my first and last vintage Burda. I don’t have the perseverance to deal with this kind of stuff!


Another difference to the pattern is that the bodice I made has a full lining, including the sleeves. I thought this was more comfy that just a facing. I am pleased to say I didn’t buy anything new for this project, it all came from my stash!

The following is actually a project from last year, which was too big for the (than little) recipient. When the little boy I made this for had finally grown in to it he had started walking, so I had to cut the feet off. The onesie still looks pretty cute though! It’s made from stretch terry cotton which makes it very soft. It did create loads of fluff though when sewing. This is Simplicity 1767. At least I can say I gained some more experience sewing stretch fabric.


I am about to cut out my next project, a pencil type skirt with back vents using up some more stash fabric. This time some home decoration type cotton that was given to me by a friend in a floral print. I intend to make it more interesting with piping. Watch this space, hopeful it will be less hassle than the above!…