About me

So, this is supposed to be the page about me. Well, as this is a sewing blog I’ll share what I like about sewing and fashion. I like Vogue and Simplicity patterns with tailored lines. I always go for natural fabrics (silk, cotton or wool) and prefer single colours to anything too vivid (or pastel!). I love a good bargain and will happily spend hours in my local fabric shop finding the perfect buy.

Since I started this blog I’ve worked my way from complete beginner’s sewing course through to city and guilds level 3. I am now happily venturing out in to the realms of sewing where my interests take me, featuring projects from the small and tiny (I have a era love for making little girl’s dresses) through to large and expansive (a double bed sized quilt being my biggest).

En route I am trying to pick up new skills and confidence, plus incorporate some of the things I learned from my dressmaking courses in to actual projects. By writing about what I have done it also helps me look back on what I have achieved. Being something of a perfectionist it is easy to see what you have yet to master instead of what you have already gained.


About sewwherenext

A few years ago I signed up for a year long beginner's dressmaking course. I have never looked back and am always thinking about my next project, hence the sew where next? name. This blog is to try and keep track of my trials, tribulations and hopefully successful projects.

7 responses to “About me

  1. Well done on starting sewing, learning and a blog – whew!
    I’ll follow your progress with interest. I read your pattern review of the Vogue 1121 dress and loved the red – Really well done for your first dress.
    Welcome to cyberspace sewing

  2. Lovely to meet you on Monday. Here’s a PDF of the instructions regarding the reinforced buttonhole technique I was suggesting might come in handy on day… I think even if you didn’t do it while you are sewing, you could perhaps do it after the buttonhole is made.



  3. Kate Whitaker

    Please can you give me details of your course. I would love to do a course but not sure where or how. Thanks xx

    • the two courses I’ve done were both city and guilds ones (level 2 and 3). I took them through my local adult education department (Norfolk county council). The course I did was in Norwich. Hope that helps!

      • Lin

        Where abouts in Norwich was you’re course please as I live near potter Heigham
        Many thanks Lin

      • the city and guilds courses were at Sprowston high school and both were run by Norfolk county council. They normally start in September. Hope that helps!

  4. Lin

    Many thanks, will have a look on their site.

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