snap! pairing up the fabric

I’ve talked about my stash. Specifically reducing said stash. I have tried hard (ok, I succumbed and bought some lovely plum wine cotton, but it was £2.99/meter!) to use up some of the smaller pieces floating around. It appears the only way I can let go is the hard way. by making something with it.

I have now however, got through all the pretty, little, pieces of cotton I had. I have also, courtesy of hosting my second ever sewing afternoon (6 people!) actually tidied up some of my sewing supplies. I finally have got all my thread in one place. Given I intend to this on a monthly basis this will be an excellent motivator to keep things more in order.

Although I didn’t get much sewing done during the afternoon it was lovely to have people over and to share our enjoyment of making things as well as eating some home made scones (I also love baking). I’ve got my next one planned for May.

So, this is a short update compared to some but I do have finished projects to share so here we are, a free pattern from Shwin designs. I still need to take a picture of the third dress but these two give you an idea. I added snaps to the back instead of buttons as an easier closure option for a small baby. These are for a work colleague’s little girl.

The dress on the left is from leftover fabric from a dress made earlier for myself and is all the way from China from my holiday there.


a previous catch (up)

So, while I am trying to finish my latest project (child’s silk shirt, can’t find the dratted front pattern piece for the button hole markings) I thought it might be fun to share a previous finished article.

I never did photograph the item in question, and I now not only have an image, but one of it being worn (which is even better, right?). If you have read this blog for a while, you might remember, long, long ago, I made a dressing gown out of cotton flannel for a friend’s little girl. I liked it so much when another friend had a little boy I decided to make it again.

The dressing gown design comes from Newlook 6170, it’s got  a great selection of PJ options as well. To make it a bit more fun, I used a fish print flannel for the facings and collar. Whilst in the midst of sewing I received an update at the speed of which the little recipient was growing, resulting in a swift mid sew modification. I added cuffs to the sleeves and added a facing to the hem to make it that bit longer.

Happily several months later it still fits! and here it is….I cut some of the fish pattern pieces on the cross grain to ensure everything swam in the right direction.