on to take 2

So, here is the top/dress on me. The actual silk version is going to be constructed in a bit as it will require a fair bit of time investment. Still, it’s nice to have a summer type top available. Excuse the mismatched sleeve lengths, I promise they are the same!


(k)not an easy project

My toile, bar tidying up all the many ravelling seams, is finally done. The elbow darts have been moved down, I’ve added a short skirt so it functions as a dressy top and I am in the process of removing the last stubborn tailor tacks. You have no idea how many this project has!

After putting my brain through such a complicated set of contortions I have decided to give it a calming break by making a child’s denim skirt and matching sailor style top. No darts or oddly shaped pieces to contend with.

After some struggling, I finally managed to get the toile on my dress dummy. It’s so close fitting I had a job getting it past the shoulders (I have the same problem getting it on myself, this pattern is not for the claustrophobic!).

So, here are some pictures. It does require some more pressing, but it’s the end of the day and I need to get some rest for work tomorrow.