the wrong trousers (aka wallace and gromit)

So, I finally had a whole lovely free day to myself. The washing was drying, most of the cleaning done and nothing was standing in my way from sewing. Apart from the small problem of not being able to find the wretched pattern that I wanted to use to go with the fabric I had already cut out for my yoga trousers. Some time later (after much tidying up of outstanding fabric/other patterns) it dawned on me I had previously tidied up the yoga pattern, so should I not look in my pattern folders?

Finally, time to get sewing. This shouldn’t be too bad, they don’t even have a zip (I have bad memories from making my last trousers) and its stretch fabric so more forgiving on fitting right?

Ummm, wrong. By a margin of 12 whole cm and counting. I have no idea what kwiksew were thinking when they created 3988. Given my fabric doesn’t even have the full amount of stretch required, which is why I cut out my recommended size despite other reviewers saying it ran large, I had not anticipated it would be this roomy. The whole point of close fitting is that you don’t need a belt!

Anyway, after taking in the inner seams, the outer seams, the crotch both front and back, it no longer feels like in immediate danger of a severe wardrobe malfunction. I think some more tweaking may be required before I add the waist band. Which I sensibly decided to delay cutting out until I had got this bit sorted. Have I mentioned I don’t like making trousers? well, let me say it again….

Forgive the smudged mirror! you can see the massive seam allowance after taking it all in.









zig zagging across blue sky, it’s time for this UFO to fly!

I think I have finally got through my little (as opposed to adult sized) to do list in terms of children’s patterns. My revisiting of Newlook 6236 has been completed with the creation of another set of leggings and bolero. Although this time without the sensible cotton jersey that I used last time.

The silk/modal blend replacement is a lovely fabric. To wear, stroke, stretch, but less so to sew. It slinks, it slithers, it slips away. Sound like something you have heard of before? In short, far less tame to handle than my previous attempt. Resulting in lots of unpicking and less control when trying (I gave up trying to get it perfect) the elastic gathering. I think the additional stretch factor can be blamed. The stuff could be used as trampoline!

Just in time too, as I really need to get my act together if my friend’s christmas present is going to sewn up in time. My only consultation is that my present (being knitted) from her is still a work in progress.

Still, at least this batch (including the previous post’s dresses and skirt) can all be packaged up and posted. Which will relieve my housemate who has been freaked out by my dress dummy looming (with menace) from the corner of the dining room since it was used for photography purposes.